Education Support Program (ESP)     

- Program started in 1989 aiming to provide education support through individual sponsorship.
- At present project has 4818 sponsored children / students.
- Two components: Education Support and Amar Sonar Paribar (ASP).
- Total member of ASP members: 1203.
- 20 Early Marriage Prevention Committee and 94 groups of adolescent girls.

Provide education materials to sponsored students including books, exercise book or Khata, pens, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, mathematical instrument boxes, school uniforms, school bags, footwears, soaps, etc.
Provided academic fees to sponsored students includes admission fees, registration fees, tuition fees, examination fees etc.
A total of 19 students received support last year for study at medical, engineering and other institution of higher learning.


- Education Program began its activities in 1994 by opening a nursery class at Rishilpi Centre.
- At present the project provide services to 6,469 students.
- Total of staff and teachers is 319.
- Three components: Rishilpi Center School (RCS), School for Speech and Hearing Impairment (SSHIC), Community Education Program (CEP).

RcsRishilpi Center School

Rishilpi Centre School started its journey in 1994.
Total of 533 underprivileged children is taking their daily lessons, through 31 qualified teachers.

sshicSchool for Speech and Hearing Impairment (SSHIC)

60 deaf and dump children are getting education up to class-V.
In 2012 a total of 16 students passed PSC and were included in the general education program at High School level.

cep1Community Education Program (CEP)

45 Community Primary School (CPS).
7 ELCs have been set up in remote rural villages.

cep2There are 4500 students from the untouched community (Rishi-untouchable, the Kaoras-pig-breeders, Jeles- fishermen and Mundas- tribal people) getting quality education through community education program.
Total number of 282 trained teachers.

Special Education

Access in education for special children.
Promote inclusive education for the children with disability.
Vocational training for Person with disability to create job opportunity.

asp1Amar Sonar Paribar (ASP)
(Best way of Early Marriage Prevention)

Amar Sonar Poribar (My Golden Family) is a special Project of ESP for all adolescent sponsored students started in July 2003.
The specific objective of the Program is to prevent early marriage of adolescents before the age of eighteen and to discourage the dowry system.
The girl students of ESP who are promoted in class six are automatically enrolled in ASP.
At present total 1203 students, 94 adolescent girls group and 20 Early Marriage Prevention Committee (EMPC) are now in ASP.



Physical rehabilitation of person with disability.
Mother skill development training on postural technique.
Prevention disability and promote the rights of CWD.

Occupational therapy


Enhance the capacity of ADL (Activities Daily Living).
Physical & intellectual rehabilitation with playing therapy.

Social Welfare


Mass awareness on disability prevention and promote the rights of persons with disability.
Social integration and rehabilitation.
Community Based Rehabilitation.


- Providing rehabilitation health Services since 1980.
- Almost 4500 children with disability come under the rehabilitation services.
- Every day about 130 patients/children receive the therapy.
- In Patients and Out Patients Services.
- Car service facility for children with disability.
- Core values of Health Program.
- Special education and physiotherapy for person with disability.
- Occupational therapy and Social Welfare unit.
- Maternal and Child Health care (MCHC)
- Community Based Rehabilitation.

pcd1Promote Rights of Children with Disability

Many of our children are neglected in the community and the society. Rishilpi organize awareness campaign for the community people so that they have access every where in the community. Rishilpi’s intent is to promote the rights of disabled children in the community with hope they will lives full of dignity.

- Medical treatment.
- Nutrition support.
- Inclusive education.
- Participation in the social and cultural events.
- Citizen rights.
- Inclusive in the development activities.

cbr1Community Based Rehabilitation

- Promote inclusive development in the community.
- Income generation activities for ensure social dignity of PwD.
- Local assistive devices making and providing technical assistance.
- Equal participation in social events for children with disability.

mchc1Maternal and Child Health Care (MCHC)

- Skill development training for Traditional Birth Attendant (TBA).
- Promote safe delivery and reduce the disability rate.
- Provide treatment, pregnant women check-up, obstetric care, EPI motivation and health education in the community.


Export Sales: BDT 10,466,562
Local Sales: BDT 17,442,956


- Mother program of Rishilpi International working from the beginning of the organization.
- Rishilpi Handicrafts works for ensuring the sustainable income of poor and disadvantaged community bearing cultural heritage of Bangladesh in their different products.
- Majority of producers are rural women.
- At present the program has 1963 producers (women and disabled persons).
- 9 different section based on the products are: Jute, Leather, Embroidery, Wheat straw, Palm Leaf, Foot ware, Wood, Tailoring and Chumki Jori Section.

Buyers of Handicrafts and Membershipsbuyers


Duration January 2011-2013
Working Areas Satkhira, Jessore and Khulna district
Donor Rishilpi International
Total Beneficiaries 1,963 Direct, 4,416 Indirect



- Water Treatment Plant named PERECHI has been set up and produces 120,000 litres of water per day.
- The plant has been donated by a group of Rishilpi’s Italian friends through Rishilpi Onlus- Italy.
- Water lab for testing the quality of water of the plant along with the tube wells, 52 sand filters & two Arsenic Iron Removal Plant (AIRP) in the community.
- Community Awareness Program on safe drinking water.
- A three years project from 2013-2015, four staff coordinated by Mr. Paolo Mantellini.
- Target beneficiaries is about 10,000