Major Achievements

Disability Prevention
Early Marriage Prevention through Amar Sonar Paribar
Promote the Rights of Person with Disability
Transparency, Accountability and Internal control

Disability prevention

majorachivements8Disability Prevention through mass awareness campaign/meeting/training

  • Community Based Awareness (CBA) Meeting.
  • Institute Based Awareness (IBA) Meeting.
  • Annual Parents Gathering
  • National and International day observation
  • Counselling and motivation session.
  • Medical camp
  • TBA basic and Refreshers training.
  • Home visit/School visit

Education Support Program

  • espb1espb3Three sponsored students have got Government job.
  • Total of 254 sponsored girls those who are 18 years old have declined marriage and continuing their education.
  • Able to prevent 40% early marriage cases.
  • Total of 44 sponsored students received incentive from ESP amount.
  • Total of 323 sponsored students have received extra support from their adoptive parents and they have used the extra support properly.
  • Sponsored students received primary treatment are 4,500.

Health and Rehabilitation

  • hr1hr2Promoted 20 students for inclusive education at Primary Level.
  • Physically Rehabilitated 31 disabled children.
  • 383 mother able to provide therapy to their children independently.
  • participation of disabled children in social activities (Sports, social function, excursion tour) for 823 (100%) Children with Disability out of target 648.
  • Performed ADL 21 disabled children.
  • IGA support to 35 families of CwD.
  • 490 TBA worked for ensuring safe delivery to 1938.

Rishilpi Handicrafts

  • rh1rh2A business Plan has been prepared for 2012-13 and functioning accordingly.
  • Ensured payment followed by the invoice.
  • Ensured in-time delivery according to schedule date of Buyers.
  • Fixed up annual Sales target Tk 30,000,000.00 for the year 2012-13.
  • Increased producer group of Jute and palm leaf section.
  • Completed Inventory report of 2012.
  • Ensured jobs for the Jute and Palm leaf producers up to April 2013.

Education Program

  • ep1ep2Affiliated Rishilpi Centre School up to secondary level.
  • Appeared in JSC examination from of Rishilpi Centre School using its’ own name.
  • 100% Passed in PSC, JSC & SSC having 11 Golden GPA. Specially the 16 Students from SSHIC (School for Speech & Hearing Impaired Children)
  • section appeared in PSC (primary) examination passed 100% of students.
  • Total of 34 students of Rishilpi Centre School (RCS ) have received Government Stipend Increased Community contribution at village level for school repairing and maintenance.
  • Books collected ( 13, 000 copy ) from the Government offices for RCS, SSHIC and CEP Students

Outcome of the Program

  • op1op2Reducing child labourer.
  • Increased Literacy rate.
  • Early Marriage Prevention.
  • Health and Hygiene practice.
  • Disability rate reduced.
  • Women empowerment and getting value in the society.
  • Social Inclusion of Person with disability.