Our Approach

Our Logo:

Created by the founder Vincenzo Falcone, Rishilpi International’s logo represents a family with the letters  R (mother) d (son) and P (father). This is the symbol organization’s multi-sector approach to humanitarian aid. Rishilpi International Project  believes that giving instruction to the children and providing a job to women and men the family can improve its status and became self sufficient.

Our Philosophy:
Rishilpi International dedicates itself to seeking and addressing the long-term developmental needs of its beneficiaries even while in the emergency phase. The agency recognizes that disasters have the most negative impact on the lives of the poor; yet disasters, and especially the movement of the populations, can also bring about unexpected, positive social change.

Rishilpi International focuses on serving poor people and out caste who typically have not received due attention.  Rishilpi International is working closely with the local people that it serves in order to ensure that its programs do not impose solutions from the outside but rather address their needs and requirements for the long term. This grassroots approach proves effective in fostering an environment of self-help and sustainability.