august 2014

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training1Counseling  and Motivation

Counselling and motivation to the parents of disabled children.
Parents meeting of RCS and CPS students.
Motivational work for early marriage prevention with parents and community as well as children of ESP.
Producers meeting and encourage them to make savings for future.

training2Mass Awareness Campaign

CBA, IBA, Parents gathering, Community medical camp at the community level for creating awareness to the community people.
National and International day observation.
Excursion tour for children (Including disabled children).
School Management committee meeting.
Early Marriage Prevention committee meeting.
Students gathering.

training4Media & Publication

Works for focus the organizational major achievements to the media (Press and Electronic).
Publish quarterly news letter, Print diary, calendar, Annual report etc.
Photography for documentation and sharing with donors/sponsors.
Prepare video clips for sponsorship marketing.
Assist ESP to prepare Easter and Christmas card/greetings.

training5Training Program of Rishilpi

Teachers training for child protection and care.
Physiotherapy training for mothers skill development.
Staff capacity building training.
Training for Traditional Birth Attendant.
Monthly Refreshers and In-service training.
Vocational Training for Person with disability.
Handicrafts training for rural women.
Child care and safe motherhood training for community women.