Children’s aid organisation Terre des Hommes is passionately dedicated to stopping child exploitation in developing countries, taking a goal and result-oriented approach. For this reason, Terre des Hommes supports nearly three hundred projects, which are developed, established and implemented by local project partners. This means that the projects can be geared closely to the practical requirements of the local population.

The purpose of the Association is to promote accessible tourism and the free movement in the places where we live and worldwide. We propose our travels everyone, able-bodied and disabled paying always attention to ensure the quality and cost-effectiveness of the proposals.

The main objective of the Handicrafts Programme is to provide work for the poor people of Satkhira District and thus the opportunity to earn money. Rishilpi’s vision is to change the lives of these poor people for the better. In order to do this, Rishilpi Development Project has been able to offer a range of practical and effective services, all designed to provide what poor people need most. All the other flourishing activities of Rishilpi such as Primary Schooling & Education Sponsorship for Producers’ children; Healthcare; Micro credit Savings Scheme; Early Marriage Prevention Support for their adolescent daughters; Hygiene & Sanitation installation support were also initiated & developed to help & support the handicrafts producers & their families.
The production of Handicrafts at Rishilpi is still regarded as a service to poor people rather than a commercial enterprise, run for profit. End of the year major part of the net profit are distributed among the producers as dividend.

Sermig-young Missionary Service was established in 1964 by an intuition of Ernesto Olivero and a dream shared by many: overcoming hunger with works of Justice and development, to live the solidarity towards the poorest and give special attention to young looking with them the ways of peace.
From the “You” of young, married couples and families, monks and nuns was founded the Brotherhood of hope, to be close to man of our time and help him meet God.