How to Help

There are many ways to get involved with Rishilpi’s family, for istance:
Translations in German, French, English or Bangla.
Secretarial work  data Entry


  1. Organize an afternoon tea, a business lunch a happy hour, dinner or a pizza with friends and donates a portion of the income that will definitely become less salty.
  2. Organize a sporting challenge with friends or between local teams. Ask to sponsor the event or collect fees.
  3. Dancing is so much fun! Organize a dance party. Ask your dance instructor to donate his service in exchange for promotion. Donate the proceeds of the entrance to the event.
  4. The group rides are great fun and a organizzane donates a portion of the registration fee.
  5. Organize a contest. Juggling, karaoke, pop-up, darts, paper airplanes, sack race, three-legged race, wheelbarrow races, or 10 kilometers on foot in the city or the countryside. The options are endless! Participants can pay a fee which will be donated.
  6. Day in style. Involve a local masseuse or beautician to come to your office or workplace for a couple of hours to donate his services in exchange for the opportunity to distribute pamphlets. Ask your colleagues for a donation to a foot massage, head massage or a manicure.