Our Mission

Rishilpi International is a non government, humanitarian organization working for untouchable and outcaste community.

Rishilpi International has been registered as NGO-AB.
The Registration Number of RISHILPI is 215, dated 24 february 1987.
The Registration Authority is the NGO Affairs Bureau of the Government of Bangladesh.


Rishilpi has a vision of a happy and prosperous community through humanitarian, social, and economic development of all the downtrodden and minorities without discrimination.


Rishilpi supports the development of humanitarian, social and economic interventions through participatory process of stakeholders towards sustainable development of communities in Bangladesh with emphasis on Rishi communities, all the downtrodden, minorities and distressed, with fairness to caste, religion, race & sex.


The Goal of Rishilpi is socio-economic emancipation and empowerment of the lower caste community, distressed and disadvantaged people, especially women, children, disabled and their families through encouraging their self-reliance.

Founders: Enzo, Laura

Founders: Enzo, Laura


Founder of Rishilpi International :
Mr. Vincenzo Falcone (Enzo)
Mrs. Graziella Melano (Laura)

wishingtree-1Rishilpi International is a child-focused development organization.

  • Target Groups: Untouched and Outcaste Rishi, Munda, Kaura and other disadvantaged community.
  • Children in Program: 11,287 Supported Children (ESP & Education), 4,568 Disabled children (Health).
  • Total staff: 576 (206 Regular, 370 Contractual, 279 Male, 297 Female).
  • Total Annual Budget: BDT. 102,119,553 (€ 1,021,195.00).